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Key benefits of using Gem

We’re more than a productivity tool. Customize Gem to work the way you do. There are no limitations.

Keep tasks in one place
Save time and stay on schedule by delegating and tracking tasks. Say goodbye to losing work.
Prioritize your work
Task tracking allows teams to see which tasks are most important or time intensive.
Improve collaboration
Share files, feedback, ideas, and more so anyone can tap into your team’s shared knowledge.
Track team progress
Check in on the status of your team’s projects at a glance. Easily see status changes and updates on tasks.
Put work at your fingertips
With a desktop and a mobile app, you can manage your team’s tasks on the go, no matter where you are.
Never miss deadlines
Easily assign tasks to team members. Set due dates for larger projects and subtasks in an easy-to-view method.

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Bird eye view

Easily track and manage your projects and tasks with calendar view.

Prioritize your work

All of the calendar functions for better management.

Streamline task management

See all your tasks in a single, scrollable view, making it easy to see what needs to be done.

Improve collaboration

Team members can use the view to see what tasks are assigned to them and what tasks are being worked on by other team members.


Allows users to see all of their tasks in a simple, easy-to-read list format.

Smart filtering

Allows you to quickly and easily filter tasks by various criteria, such as task status, assigned team member, and more.

Dependencies between tasks

If one task depends on another task being completed first, the this view will show this relationship visually.

Useful insights

Understand project's status and identify potential issues before they become serious problems.


What customers say about Gem

We've received many positive responses from people about our product. The following reviews are from our customers.

Erick Alvarez

Project assistant

We optimize the entire workflow around Gem and results are visible immediately. Our productivity went up by 30% in the first month.

Bo Woods

UI/UX Designer

Gem saves us 45 minutes per day. Everything is simple and intuitive.

Kevin Clayton

Event manager

Our Team-setup on Gem has tripled our output. It’s fascinating how small but clever changes in UI can make such an impact on the workflow.

Rachael Clark

Customer service manager

The entire app works seamlessly and the team members can see and respond to our tasks in no time.

Dominick Blake

Customer service manager

The amount of work that we did after implementing Gem is mind blowing. Beyond that, the team at Gem have gone above beyond to understand our business needs, provide support and build models that work for our objectives!

Landon Smith

Project management consultant

Beautifully designed, expertly crafted software that follows all accessibility best practices and are easy to customize. I appreciate the approach.

Alexus Reed

Operations manager

Real time sync provides us with critical insight into our business which allows us to make fast decisions and ultimately become more dynamic and competitive in the marketplace.

Amber Gray

IT project manager

When we first start using Gem, we were skeptical. We'd tried lots of products and none of them made any difference. But Gem proved to be more incremental than anything we used before.

Rebecca Herman

Project administrator

This magical product actually works! Gem has radically changed the way we work. Increasing our productivity by 2X in all our teams.

Yuliana Austin

Customer sercice manager

Management automation is a way to future-proof my business. I’m a freelancer and Gem helps a lot. Thanks!

Camilla Evans

Administrative assistant

We've completely automated the management process in our company - from start to finish sent to execution and after.

Erik Wilkins

Marketing coordinator

We use Gem to focus on incremental growth. The ROI has been fantastic!
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