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Sure, we have a SaaS company and thousand happy customers around the globe but that is not how it all started.

Company opening
Funding round A
Funding round B
Funding round C

Alexus and Camilla had a difficult time at the company that they worked for at the time. But organizational nightmare became a business opportunity pretty fast.

How it started

Alexus and Camilla, both experienced project managers, had observed common challenges in staying organized, meeting deadlines, and staying on budget.

We know that there were many project management tools and services available, but many of them were either too complicated or too expensive for small and medium-sized businesses.

Difficulty in staying organized and managing resources
Lack of simplicity and ease of use
High cost for small and medium-sized businesses
A young woman working on a laptop
Two young women working on a shared laptop

Why are we doing this

We created our tools and services to help small and medium-sized businesses that need to meet their deadlines but may not have the budget for enterprise software. Our goal is to make project management more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Affordable and accessible project management solution
Assist businesses in meeting deadlines and staying on budget
Improve efficiency and organization
Team progress

We turned traditional project management on its head

We shifted our focus from project management to product management. We used the same strategies, processes, and tools as traditional project management but applied them in a different way.

This is the same approach you can use when you’re trying to make changes in your organization.

Three people working on a laptop and eating popcorn
Remote team members all around the world
Company's market share in last 12 months
Company's revenue growth in last 12 months
Happy small and medium size companies that use Gem
Meet the team

Our people come first

Open positions

Bo Woods

CFO - is not only good with numbers.

Wayne Robinson

Javascript developer that has answers for every bug.

Camilla Evans

Kind and direct. Co-Founder and CMO.

Ayla Moss

Head of the operations, deep worker.

Jane Palmer

Product manager and industry trendsetter.

Philip Barnett

Extremely efficient customer support specialist.

Alexus Reed

Dedicated and practical. Co-Founder and CEO.

Anabelle Tucker

Precise and detail-oriented marketing manager.

Erick Alvarez

Data-driven industry-leading copywriter.

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