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Intuitive design helps in organizing projects so you do not need to search through all files every time.

Custom views

Premade views with best practices. With them you can oversee projects however suits you the most.

Advanced filters

Control who has access to specific tasks — whether some tasks are only for your eyes or private to a select group of people.

Powerful command line

Everything you need is one click away. Explore and speed up your workflow in no time.

Real-time sync

Notify all team members in real-time. There is no more need for sync meetings and endless chats.

Bookmark tasks

Important tasks can be bookmarked and saved for easier access and better productivity.


Real-time chat

Discuss your tasks with other team members in real-time. You can keep all information in one place. No need for third-party apps.

Cross-team projects

Collaborate with other teams and unlock more power together. You can share, chat and assign tasks to members outside of your team.

Group permissions

Organize staff members into groups with permissions, enabling access to specific features and functions such as creating and deleting sites.

Team member feedback

Empower your team to leave comments directly on top of a website as it's being built. No more back and forth over the phone or endless vague emailing.

Comment Log

All website comments are automatically logged in one location, enabling you to easily track conversations, even after they’ve been resolved.

Shared commands

All team members have access to team-shared commands. You can use and share your favorite commands with other team members.


Safe and secure

Gem is protected on many levels. Securing our customer's data is our first priority.

Data encryption

We do not have any access to your information.Gem is encrypted and follows industry best practices.


Everything you do in Gem is backed up by default. You can access your projects. Always.

Powerful authentication

2 step authentication makes it impossible for third-party to use your account.

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